“Army Wives” Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery?

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British and American actress Catherine Bell is probably most well known for the role she played in the television series ‘JAG’, or perhaps the role of Denise Sherwood in the ‘Army Wives’ television series. What has lately brought her to the attention of the gossip column writers is the way that she has changed the way that she looks through the intervention of cosmetic surgery. According to her many fans the surgery is something that she did not need, and rather than enhancing the way that she looked, has provided her with an unnatural and less appealing image

“Army Wives” Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery? For real?

While the actress has not made any public comment about her facial surgery, it is clear from before and after photographs that she has had some considerable work done. The fresh faced, natural look that her fans adored has been replaced with a more sculpted and tailored look which does not sit well with her adoring public. It is clear to see that she has been through a number of procedures including eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and a face lift. Whatever she may deny there is no way that she can refute that the shape of her face and appearance of her features has changed. The bags beneath her eyes have been removed, the lifting of her eyelids has made her eyes seem much wider and brighter and her cheeks are much more defined than they once were. Many of her fans claim that her face appears stiff, which could be the result of having had Botox injections.

Now and then:

Catherine’s mixed Persian and European heritage provided her with a unique look. Having undergone a number of facial surgeries and anti aging treatments her look is now similar to many other actresses her age. Her individuality and sense of being unique has been lost to dermal fillers and cosmetic fixers.

She had a thyroid surgery in the past.

Before and after pictures:

Catherine Bell picture from 1998 (maybe, before any surgery?)

Catherine Bell picture from 2002 (maybe, before any surgery?)

Catherine Bell picture from 2006.

Catherine Bell picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Catherine Bell picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

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