Did Kellie Pickler have Plastic Surgery on her Face?

Kellie Pickler rose to fame on the American talent show ‘American Idol’. Despite still being in her twenties, it is obvious that she is already familiar with cosmetic surgery and the techniques that can be employed to enhance a person’s natural assets. Despite not winning the competition her performances on the show have worked to launch her career in the music industry. There is no doubt that she has had som

Did Bar Refaeli have Plastic Surgery?

Israeli born fashion model Bar Refaeli has been at the forefront of international campaigns for the likes of Moet & Chandon, GAP, Chanel, Subaru and Garnier. Born in 1985, the she is now in her late twenties and has already gained international success as a model. While there are many that believe she is a true natural beauty, there are others who believe that she has undertaken a few surgical enhancements in o

Did Alyson Hannigan have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Alyson Hannigan is known to many as Willow from the hit television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (with Julie Benz), to others she is more famous for her appearance in the ‘American Pie’ movies. Like many in her profession she has become the subject of cosmetic surgery rumours and many people have taken to comparing images of the actress in order to point out what they claim to be the obvious cha

Did Toni Braxton have Plastic Surgery?

Musician and singer Toni Braxton is most well known for her chart topping single ‘Un-break My Heart’ released in the mid 1990’s. The star was born in 1967 which means she is now in her late forties. Whatever her birth certificate says that her age is, her face and body say something totally different as she looks a good few years younger. In a number of interviews she has given to different celebrity and musi

Does Bethenny Frankel have Plastic Surgery?

Bethenny Frankel is an American reality TV star and former talk show host. She is also an author and likes to think of herself as an entrepreneur. She is admired for having many talents including how she manages to remain looking young when she is in her forties. Known for being a self driven go-getter none of her fans would be surprised to learn that she has used cosmetic enhancement techniques in order to maintai

Did Vanessa Marcil have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Vanessa Marcil has appeared in a number of successful television series including ‘General Hospital’ (with Jack Wagner) and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. Born in 1968, she is now in her mid forties and looking great. The way the she looks has been discussed in celebrity magazines and on internet forums, with the majority of her fans agreeing that she must have had some help to look the way that she does. H

Did Lee Hyori have Plastic Surgery?

Lee Hyori is a popular South Korean singer. She originally hit the headlines as part of the all girl group ‘Fin.K.L’ before striking out on her own and releasing ‘Stylish’ her first solo album. The singer is still only thirty four and is already at the centre of a whole host of plastic surgery rumours. Many people are under the impression that she undertook plastic surgery in order to boost her career as a

Did Heather Locklear get Plastic Surgery?

At the height of her career she was labelled as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She appeared in many successful television series during the 1980’s including ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘T.J. Hooker’, and developed a huge following of male fans. The actress is now in her fifties and doing whatever she can to maintain the looks that made her famous. Despite some reluctance in coming forward and openly admit

Emily Maynard Face Plastic Surgery?

Emily Maynard is the girl that signed up for a TV fairytale and found her happy ever after in front of millions of viewers. She appeared on the reality show ‘The Bachelorette’ as one of twenty five single women, hoping to snag their dream man. She was the one that was selected was offered a marriage proposal with an engagement ring described as being the ‘mother of all engagement rings’, a huge diamond soli

Did Melanie Griffith have Plastic Surgery?

Famous for appearing in the movie ‘Working Girl’, and now a successful film producer in her own right, actress Melanie Griffith has also hit the headlines for being one of those celebrities for whom plastic surgery has not been a success. Born in 1957 the actress is now in her late fifties and has already put herself through numerous plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her looks like so many Hollywo