Did Dyan Cannon have Plastic Surgery?

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Despite her advancing age, actress Dyan Cannon looks every inch the Hollywood movie star now as she did when she was younger. Now well into her seventies you would expect her to look her age with drooping, sagging skin and more than her share of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Instead she looks vibrant and alive with smooth, clear skin and sparkling eyes. Having spent a lot of years in the movie industry she knows what it takes to keep an acting career alive, and has turned to the latest cosmetic surgery techniques in order to keep up to date with the latest looks, as well as maintain an ever youthful outward appearance.

Did Dyan Cannon have Plastic Surgery?

One of the more major procedures she has undergone in her quest to remain beautiful is a face lift, which has provided her with a much more defined facial outline. There are a distinct lack of lines and wrinkles on her face; things which you would normally expect to find in a woman approaching eighty years of age, so one would assume that her appearance is being maintained with the use of fillers and Botox injections. She has also had collagen injected into her lips to make them more full and plump, and injections into her cheeks to keep them firm and stop them from sagging.

Before and After:

In order to keep her body looking as fit and toned as it did in her youth she has undergone liposuction treatment to remove the excess fat. Something which seems necessary if you want to keep receiving invitations to red carpet Hollywood events. Despite not receiving much of her surgery until her later years, it seems to have suited her very well. There are some critics which would have preferred her to grow old naturally, but in Hollywood is anything ‘natural’ any more?

Before and After pictures:

Dyan Cannon picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Dyan Cannon picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Dyan Cannon picture from 1974 (via Imdb)

Dyan Cannon picture from 1973 (via Imdb)

Did Dyan Cannon have Plastic Surgery?

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