Did Rose Mcgowan get Plastic Surgery?

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Rose McGowan is an American actress most well known for appearing in the hit television series Charmed. Like many women who appear on TV in America, plastic surgery is viewed as a way of cheating the aging process and maintaining a youthful appearance. Appearance being all important when you are regularly in the media and up for public scrutiny. What makes Rose McGowan’s plastic surgery stand out is the intensity of the changes it made almost overnight to the way that she looks.

Did Rose Mcgowan get Plastic Surgery?

Required to have cosmetic surgery to her eye as a result of a car accident in 2007, it seems that she elected to alter more than just the injured eye area while she was on the operating table. Comparing images of her before this surgery and after, is it clear to see that more changes took place than the simple disguising of injured tissue. She came out of surgery with plumper lips which provided her with a pout that was not there before. She also emerged with more well defined cheek bones than she went in with. The shape of her eyes changed which could only have been the result of an eyelid lift, plus the shape of her nose had undergone subtle changes too. Perhaps most obvious of all was that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Before and After:

Almost all of this extra, non essential surgery has been deemed as unnecessary by her loyal army of fans. Most of whom believe that her natural beauty required no enhancement at all. There is no denying that successful plastic surgery can improve a woman’s self confidence where there have been issues with a negative self image, but when natural beauty is made into something fake is it really worth the risks involved in surgery when so much can go wrong?

You can read here about her plastic surgery (on Wikipedia).

Before and after pictures:

Rose Mcgowan picture from 1999.

Rose Mcgowan picture from 2003.

Rose Mcgowan picture from 2008.

Rose Mcgowan picture from 2014.

Did Rose Mcgowan get Plastic Surgery?

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