Did Tameka Cottle have Plastic Surgery?

During the 1990’s Tameka Cottle was part of the R&B group Xscape. However she has gained much more attention for the number of changes that both her face and her body have been through over the years. Since the peak of her popularity her overall look has changed several times. However many of her fans, as well as those in the media are saying that she has taken her plastic surgery too far, and now would be a good time to stop before she loses what is left of the look she had when she became famous.

Did Tameka Cottle have Plastic Surgery?

There are claims that she looks fake from head to foot, that so much has been augmented and tweaked that there is very little of the original woman left. According to the plastic surgery rumours that surround, her she has been through liposuction, rhinoplasty, butt augmentation, cheek augmentation, breast implants, Botox treatment and filler injections. That doesn’t really leave much else to be augmented. Her nose looks as though it has been overworked and is now too small for her face. Butt implants have given her a bigger, and more shapely rear end. While some surgeries may have given the singer what she wanted, the combined effect is that she looks unnatural an plastic.

Before and After:

Many are concerned that she has become addicted to surgery. The procedures that she has had carried out on her body have provided her with a great figure. But the surgeries and procedure that she has undergone on her face have not gone as well. By subjecting herself to more surgeries in the future she runs the risk of her skin collapsing under the stress. You only have to take a look at images of the singer taken across the last two decades and you can see that she has not done herself any favours by messing around with her looks.

Before and After pictures:

Tameka Cottle “Tiny” picture from the present (via Wikipedia)

Tameka Cottle “Tiny” picture from many years ago (via Pinterest)

Did Tameka Cottle have Plastic Surgery?

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