Has Susan Lucci ever had Plastic Surgery?

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Susan Lucci came to the public’s attention when she starred in the hit television series ‘All My Children’ (with Kelly Ripa and Kim Delaney). Though that series was filmed some years ago, the appearance of the actress has changed very little. Now well into her sixties she shows no sign of giving into the aging process. Her body still looks healthy and toned and her face lacks many of the signs of aging that you would expect to find on a woman this advanced in years. There is some speculation as to whether her appearance is down to good luck and a healthy lifestyle or the skill of the plastic surgeon.

Has Susan Lucci ever had Plastic Surgery?

The list of procedures that onlookers say that she has subjected herself to is quite extensive. One of the most commonly claimed procedures that they say she has gone through is eyelid surgery, followed by liposuction, breast augmentation, a face lift and brow lift as well as undergoing chemical peels. If she has in fact been through each of these procedures she is not showing any evidence of looking unnatural as a result. Photographs show that there has clearly been a change to the shape and size of her breasts, and the skin on her face is positively wrinkle free, which would suggest some surgical intervention at the very least.

Before and After:

She has always denied having had plastic surgery and claims that the way that she looks is a result of her using a revolutionary anti aging product on her skin, a product which she herself is behind promoting. Lately her surgical denials have ceased, perhaps because she can no longer deny the evidence that the public can see with their own eyes. Whatever surgical procedures she has been through, she must be pleased with the results as she continues to look as beautiful as ever.

Before and After pictures:

Susan Lucci picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Susan Lucci picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Susan Lucci picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Has Susan Lucci ever had Plastic Surgery?

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