Has Suzanne Somers ever had Plastic Surgery?

Hollywood is not short of stories relating to stars undergoing plastic surgery in order to maintain their audience appeal. Suzanne Somers, who is both an actress and an author is just one of a long list of celebrities to go under the knife. Now in her sixties she sports the taut, smooth skin which at her age can only be achieved with the aid of some cosmetic enhancement. While the treatments that she has been through have indeed left her looking younger than her true age, it cannot be said that her face looks entirely natural as a result.

Has Suzanne Somers ever had Plastic Surgery?

While the lady herself may try and put her youthful appearance down to diet and exercise there is no way that it is convincing anybody. The only way to have such a wrinkle free brow at her age is with the help of Botox injections. It is rumoured that she has undergone a face lift or two; had her lips augmented and uses a dermal filler for her cheeks as well as regular Botox therapy to the problem areas of her face. Even with experts from the field of cosmetic surgery confirming that the way she looks is anything but natural, the actress still maintains that she has not has any work done on her face.

Before and After:

Compare photographs from the last decade or so and you will see that certain aspects of her face have altered, such as the shape of her lips. Her lips are somehow more full now than they were before. Considering her age her lips should have thinned naturally rather than filled out more. It cannot be denied though that she does look more youthful than she should at this point in her life, it seems pointless to claim that it is all down to the way that she lives her life rather than acknowledging the work of her surgeons.

Before and After pictures:

Suzanne Somers picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Suzanne Sommers picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Suzanne Sommers picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Has Suzanne Somers ever had Plastic Surgery?

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