Did Garry Shandling have Plastic Surgery?

Actor and comedian Garry Shandling has a number of popular television shows to his name, including ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ and ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’. Born in 1949, the actor is now in his mid sixties and despite always being known for his unique sense of humour; he is now getting laughs for the way that his face looks following plastic surgery. There are concerns that he has taken the procedure

Did Blythe Danner have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Blythe Danner has appeared in the movies ‘Meet the Fockers’ and ‘Little Fockers’ as well as making regular appearances in the sitcom ‘Will & Grace’. The actress is now in her seventies and maintaining the look of a woman much younger in years. She is also the mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, proof that some of the way she looks is down to good genetics rather than solely being the result o

Did Alexa Vega get Plastic Surgery on Her Face?

Alexa Vega (full name Alexa Ellesse Pena-Vega) was born 1988 and is a popular American actress. Some of her rules you might remember her from are Spy Kids where she played the character Carmen Cortez or the ABC family series Ruby & the Rockits where she played Ruby Gallagher. She got her start acting by starring in the popular 1996 film Twister (with Helen Hunt) as the character Jo Harding. She was honored in