Did Kate Hudson get Plastic Surgery?

Having received a Golden Globe award for her role in ‘Almost Famous’, actress Kate Hudson recently had rhinoplasty under local performed by renown Santa Barbara facial plastic surgeon Dr. Robert W. Sheffield and has gone on to receive nominations of Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. Her mother is actress Goldie Hawn, so a career in the film industry seemed almost inevitable. She is a popular choice when it comes to romantic comedies and has starred in ‘Alex and Emma’ and ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. She lately came

Did Keira Knightley get Plastic Surgery?

Despite being of the biggest names in Hollywood, actress Kiera Knightley does not appear to have thrown herself into the hands of the nearest plastic surgeon in order to fit the profile of Hollywood startlet which suits her so well. She has always admitted to wanting to have breast implants in order to provide her with some sensuous curves which she feels she is currently lacking, yet so far has not taken the plung

Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

Probably best remembered for her appearances as the vampire Darla in the cult television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Julie Benz is like any other American actress. She wants to maintain the image that made her famous, and remain looking the same way as she looked at the height of her career. While the actress herself has never issued a public statement about any surgery she may have received, by comparin

Has Marg Helgenberger had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Marg Helgenberger is best remembered for her character Catherine Willows in the hit drama series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’. It was apparent to thousands of fans that she had put herself through some cosmetic surgery treatments after she ended one series of the show with one face, and returned the next series sporting a whole new look. Born in 1958, the actress now in her late fifties seems keen t

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1951, Cheryl Ladd is most widely remembered for playing Kris Munroe in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (with Kate Jackson) television series. Her appearance in the series made her a pin up model for millions of male fans. Though now in her sixties her appearance has changed very little from how she looked at the height of her popularity. Looking at images which span her career you can see how she has maintaine

Has Hunter Tylo had more Plastic Surgery?

As far as the plastic surgery rumours which surround actress Hunter Tylo are concerned, there are two camps. One that believes that the look is achieved through surgical enhancements and less invasive therapies, and the other which believes that her look is entirely natural. The actress is best remembered for her appearance in the long running American soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (Katherine Kelly La

Did Anna Faris get Plastic Surgery?

Anna Faris is a singer and actor. She is probably best remembered for her appearances in the series of ‘Scary Movie’ films. She also appeared in ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘Lost in Translation’. Now in her late forties the actress is rumoured to have undergone several plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance and maintain her image, especially after receiving her break on the big screen. Though m

Who Did Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery?

Elsa Patton, aside from being the mother of celebrity daughter Marysol Patton is known for appearances on the hit show the Real Housewives of Miami. Unfortunately for her she has become even more famous as being a walking example of what happens when plastic surgery is taken too far. She recognises that her obsession with plastic surgery has ruined both her looks and her life, and provides a warning to others keen

Why Did Nikki Cox get Plastic Surgery?

Nikki Cox is an American actress most well known for her role in the successful ‘Las Vegas’ (with Vanessa Marcil)  television series. Many believe that she has subjected herself to a number of surgical procedures and beauty enhancing treatments in order to make herself appear more appealing to a wider audience, boosting her popularity and revitalising her film and television career. Some of the surgeries that

Jessica Lange Needs Plastic Surgery?

Actress Jessica Lange is famous for appearing both on screen and on the stage. Over the years she has received a staggering six Oscar nominations and won the award twice. She has spent almost four decades in the entertainment industry and also works for the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) as Goodwill Ambassador. As a former model she has always been careful to maintain her appearance, but now in her mid s